Who is it for?

If you use a mattress then you really should use an Allergon Mattress Protectors. They are for every bed in every home and hotel. However more specifically they are for…

You and Your Family

As we said at the beginning every bed in every home needs an Allergon mattress protector, this is because every one of us produces moisture at night. When we are warm in bed we perspire. Without the right sort of mattress protector this moisture has nowhere else to go apart from into the mattress. This can be made even worse by other more occasional bodily fluid leaks.

A new mattress, very quickly becomes marked and stained and begins to look unsightly and could be embarrassing if you had guests staying over and they looked a little to closely at your mattress. An unprotected mattress will also become infested with dust mites surprisingly quickly.

Hotels & Guest Houses

Hotels need good mattress protection. If you own or manage a hotel you know how expensive a new mattress is and what an inconvenience it is to change a mattress. However, without the right kind of mattress protector your mattresses will need changing more often. It is vitally important that you get the right kind of mattress protector because if your guest can feel it, or it makes them hot and uncomfortable or it is noisy, then there is every chance that they will strip it from the bed and your mattress will be slept on, unprotected.  Just as bad is if you use a mattress protector with insufficient protection, a thin padded, but not waterproof protector will eventually allow liquids through. It is not enough to protect the mattress from a spilt drink and eventually even perspiration will find it’s way through and stain your mattress.

The AA in their hotel quality guide state that a mattress protector should be provided, but not a plastic or rubber one. This is because plastic and rubber ones make the occupant hot and sweaty. Allergon does not use plastic or rubber in it’s construction and therefore meets AA guidelines.

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes should use an Allergon Mattress Protector on every bed in the home, even if bed pads are being used. The reason for this is that a bed pad only covers a portion of the mattress and bed pads are very specifically for urine protection. However those unprotected areas of the mattress could still become marked and stained, particularly if a significant amount of time is spent in the bed. Also, do remember that Allergon is a Dust Mite protection system as well and many people are allergic to the dust mite and it’s waste products.

Babies & Children

Babies obviously spend a significant amount of time in their cot. They are quite good at wriggling and squirming about which provides plenty of opportunities for a nappy leakage accident. They also dribble quite a lot, can sometimes be sick and have great fun in throwing their feeding bottle about. All of this means that unless the right cot mattress protector is fitted, the mattress can frequently become wet, and over a period of time there can be a build up of bacteria, mold and fungus, none of which is good for baby’s health, Even if the mattress is intended to be wipeable, how can you be sure that just wiping it is going to remove everything. You could of course use a chemical spray when you wipe the cot down but that’s not really advisable with babies.

A removable, washable, waterproof  cover is the best option here. Again it must be the right kind. No plastics or rubber and it must not make baby overheat and become uncomfortable and of course it should not be noisy as it might disturb their sleep. An Allergon Cot Mattress Protector is the ideal solution.

Allergy & Asthma Sufferers

It is vital that asthma and allergy sufferers are protected from contact with dust mites. Actually it is the dust mites waste products that are the real problem. An unprotected mattress can very quickly become infested with a rapidly growing colony of dust mites. Many millions can live inside one mattress, an Allergon mattress protector, puts a stop to this overnight. Your pillow has the same problem. 20% of the weight of a 2 year old pillow is made up of dust mites. Again an Allergon Pillow Protector solves this problem. Dust Mites are known to be one of the triggers of asthma and eczema in some children. As they say, prevention is better than cure.


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