What is It?

Allergon is the UK’s favourite and most popular and trusted bedding protection brand.

Over the past 20 years we have supplied many, many thousands of Allergon products to satisfied customers both in the UK and around the world.

Allergon is a highly technically advanced mattress, pillow and duvet protection system. It has many benefits and advantages over most typical  mattress protectors, to explain this we need to start at the beginning…….

Why do we need to use a mattress protector on every bed in our home?

Mattress protectors are an essential part of everyone’s bed linen. Without a mattress protector any mattress will quickly become marked and stained. This is because we all perspire during the night, we dribble, and we release other fluids as we sleep. We also sometimes have breakfast in bed and some of us have children and grandchildren who jump into and onto our beds. All of this means that sooner or later your nice bright clean mattress starts to discolour and to show signs of all of this activity. It just stops looking like the place you or any of your guests would want to spend the night.

It gets worse because living in all of our homes is the microscopic dust mite. They feed of the tiny particles of skin that fall from the surface of our bodies as we go about our business. The place where we find the most dust mites in our homes is within an unprotected mattress. This is because, as we sleep at night, friction from our nightwear and bedding rubs of these tiny particles of skin which pass through our bottom sheet and find their way into the upper surface of our mattress. The action of moisture and bacteria breaks these particles down into food that dust mites then eat. This cycle continues for as long as moisture and food can penetrate your mattress, and the longer it continues the more the dust mite colony breeds and increases, until there are millions of them living inside your mattress.

This in itself sounds unpleasant enough, however many people are actually allergic to the dust mites waste products which are released from the mattress as you roll and toss and turn. This can result in runny noses, red sore eyes, a sore throat and a cough. In some children dust mites have been known to cause the onset of asthma and to aggravate eczema.

This can all be solved, overnight, by the use of Allergon Protective Bedding, which creates a barrier between the dust mites and the occupant. This stops dust mites and their waste products from escaping and stops skin particles and moisture from entering the mattress, which in turn deprives the dust mites of their food source and they die off.

Why is Allergon the best mattress protector that you can buy?

Unlike many protectors Allergon is comfortable to use. Ordinary mattress protectors use plastic, pvc or even rubber to provide waterproof protection. These make you hot and sweaty and generally uncomfortable. They are also noisy, rustly and crinkly to lie on, and can disturb your sleep.

Allergon is completely different. Allergon consists of a soft upper, cotton rich, terry toweling surface. This has been carefully researched and designed to provide the perfect level of comfort matched with absorption. We have designed this surface very specifically to absorb perspiration and moisture into this surface and to wick it away from you to evaporate away as quickly as possible.

On the underside of this top layer is a microfine polyurethane membrane. This has amazing technical properties, however in simple terms it is waterproof, yet breathable. This sounds strange, maybe even impossible, but it works in the same way as your own skin does. Moisture cannot pass through yet you don’t become hot and uncomfortable when you lie on it. This membrane is manufactured separately from the upper surface. The two layers are then bonded together. This ensures that the membrane is the same thickness throughout. Some mattress protectors have the waterproof layer applied to the underside as a liquid which is spread out and left to set. The problem with this method is that you get an uneven layer. The thicker parts can sometimes be felt as you lie on them and the thinner parts can weaken and wear out. Our method ensures uniform thickness throughout.

Allergon is designed to be easy to use. It is put onto your mattress, in the same way as a fitted sheet is. It has elasticated sides to hold it in place and is designed to fit mattresses up to 12 inches (30cm) deep. You then just put your usual preferred bed linen on top. When you wash your sheets, just wash your Allergon mattress protector at the same time. It can be machine washed at temperatures up to 90c and can be tumble dried on a low heat or line dried.

Allergon is available in 20 different mattress sizes. We call it a protective bedding system because it is also available to fit pillows and duvets, meaning that all of your bedding is protected from moisture and dust mites. Allergon is manufactured in the European Union.


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