The UK's Favourite Bedding Protection

Welcome to Allergon Protects, the official website of Allergon, the UK's favourite mattress protector and bedding protection brand. Allergon is a complete protection system that ticks all the boxes.It is waterproof, yet comfortable, it is dust mite proof and it can be machine washed at high temperatures and even tumble dried if required. This website explains why those who choose Allergon as there preferred mattress protector brand come back again and again and recommend Allergon to their friends and family.

Protects YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR MATTRESS - all at the same time

Allergon is the complete protection system. Allergon Protects your mattress from marks and stains and you are protected from dust mites and their waste products Here you can find out more about why Allergon is as good as we say it is and find out where you can buy it. Retailers who would like to stock Allergon can find out how easy it is to become an authorised stockist.

Every Bed in Every Home and Hotel needs ALLERGON. If you are not using an ALLERGON mattress protector or the one you are using is not waterproof then sooner or later your mattress will become stained or marked. Only by using a a waterproof protector can avoid this.
Without ALLERGON dust mites will quickly infest a mattress, ALLERGON creates a barrier between you and any dust mites protecting you from their waste products. This barrier also stops any food supply from reaching these dust mites and they cannot survive without food..
ALLERGON is virtually undetectable in use. Thanks to its incredible microfine breathable miracle membrane it doesn't make you hot and sweaty and it doesn't rustle or make a crinkly noise. ALLERGON meets strict hotel inspection reccomendations.
ALLERGON is easy to fit to your mattress, it just goes on like a fitted sheet with your usual bed linen over the top of it. Just machine wash it along with the rest of your bedding and tumble dry or line dry, then pop it back on. Many people have a couple, one on the bed and one in the wash.